The 23-story Hotel Inturist, a modern skyscraper near the Kremlin, is being torn down to make way for a shorter and more luxurious hotel. Demolition began in the first days of March.

Once the flagship hotel of the Soviet tourist industry, the hotel was made famous as a setting for spy novels as well as real-life espionage. Watchwomen were stationed at every floor, and stories are told of bugged rooms and servants arriving with items requested only in private. The building was the only modern one among the classical edifices of Tverskaya Street, one of Moscow's main avenues. It is said to have fallen below international hotel standards, necessitating its replacement. It catered mainly for foreigners during the Soviet-era and will not be missed by Muscovites. A classic Soviet hotel -- huge, impersonal and filled with rooms of people who did not want to offer help at all. It was a very grim place where you were always guaranteed cheap but bad service, Soviet-style.
Hotel Intourist, construction end 1970
2007, the new Ritz-Carlton, Tverskaya Street 3, Moscow, on the site of the old Intourist Hotel.
Holel Intourist folder
Moskou, Intoerist Hotel